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Girl Scout canoe guides are certified in Lifeguarding and Wilderness First Aid (WFA), and they work hard to create a warm and caring atmosphere, where girls are allowed to let their personalities shine. They are usually in college or recently graduated from college, with a unique blend of wilderness, Girl Scout, and BWCAW experience. In addition to the certifications they have, all Girl Scout guides go through a rigorous and hands-on training at the canoe base. One of the most common comments we hear from both youth and adult participants is that they had no idea how fun, involved, talented, and hard-working their guides would be!

Interested in guiding for Summer 2024? Contact Ann McNally now for information! 

Ann McNally - Summer Program Director

Ann McNally went on her first Girl Scout canoe trip, a 7-day Quetico trip, in 1992, and knew the program and the wilderness would be with her forever. She grew up in Seattle, but made the trek to Ely to be a guide-in-training in 1994 and 1995, and then guided for five years (1996-2000). Then, she took a break to get a Ph.D. in chemistry and then work full-time in Seattle. She quit her full-time work when her first son was born in 2010, allowing her to spend her summers in Ely again, where she has been the summer program director (and occasional guide) since 2011. During the school year she teaches college chemistry.

Ann encourages every teenage girl she knows to sign up for a fun, confidence-building, and safe Girl Scout canoe trip in one of the most beautiful wilderness areas around. An advocate for both girls and the wilderness, her recent efforts have focused on bringing awareness of the Girl Scout canoe trip program to a wider audience. For many years now, her devotion to the program has only trailed her devotion to her family.

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