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October is here and we are beginning planning for canoe trips at Northern Lakes Canoe Base in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in Ely, MN next season.

We offer fully outfitted and guided trips for Girl Scouts who are 12 or older, or who have finished 6th grade.  If you have older Girl Scouts who are seeking a new travel and wilderness adventure, we are the program for you!

  • Girl Scout canoe trips are fully outfitted (we provide food, tents, canoes, permit, first aid kit, radios, etc.)
  • Girl Scout canoe trips are always guided by trained guides with certifications in lifeguarding and wilderness first aid.
  • Girl Scout canoe trips are safe (our program is over 50 years old and we have an excellent safety record)
  • Girl Scout canoe trips are very affordable.  See 2022 prices below.
  • No canoeing or camping experience is necessary; just a willingness to try something new and fun.
  • Girls may sign up alone or with friends or a troop.  Adults may come, too -- coffee provided, dads welcome!

Finally, Girl Scout canoe trips are tons of fun (we laugh lots), and girls end their trips with a swagger to their step, ready to take on new challenges that come their way as they make the world a better place.

Our prices for 2022 are as follows.  Our 6 and 8-day trips are recommended for first-timers.

Trip Length

2022 Cost

4 Day – 1 on site, 3 days on water


6 Day – 1 on site, 5 days on water


8 Day – 1 day on site, 7 days on water


11 Day – 1 day on site, 10 days on water


I went on my first canoe trip when I was 14, then guided for the program for 5 years.  I have directed the program during the summer for ten years now and am proud to be associated with it.  There is nothing like seeing a crew of Girl Scouts paddle confidently into our bay after a week in the wilderness, laughing and sharing stories about their trip. I recommend it to every Girl Scout seeking a fun new adventure.

Lots more information is at, which is a website hosted by group of alumni canoe guides who work closely with Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin Lakes and Pines on promoting this small but mighty program.

This year, we are using asking you to let us know your preferred trip date and length using the Google Form here.  Please fill it out by October 25, at which point I will take all your preferences and devise a schedule that fits the most people.  There is usually some back-and-forth in putting the schedule together, so stay tuned.  This will be the fairest way to fit in the most people.  

Hope to see you in Ely next summer!

- Ann McNally, Program Director

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